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Business consultant, marketing enthusiast, professor, gadget lover, writer, and wishful femme fatale. Fulbright Scholar conducting ongoing social venture research and global development work in Tanzania.

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  1. Aug 19 2016

    Hello, my name is Claude (Claudia for the long name) and alias Miss Lunch. I have a restaurant in Paris where I cook up storms, market my own brand of things (I am an artist and cook) and recently have discovered the fox bat and love them! My recent drawing is of a fox bat, announcing an event I do called the No Brunch once a month, have a look on my facebook page if you like! I’ve got lots of family in South Africa and have thought perhaps to just splurge and go to Zanzibar (my Mother’s first trip when she was a young girl out of S.A. with her aunt) to see and draw the bats, in January.
    It would be wonderful if I could get your thoughts on this project.
    yours and best,
    Miss Claude Cabri
    alias Miss Lunch
    fb, twitter, instagram: MissLunchParis


    • Hi Claudia, Thank you for the nice message. Contact Sarah Haul, tour operator on Zanzibar noted at the bottom of The Doctors Are In blog post and she can help you book a trip.



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